Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】

Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】
Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】
Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】
Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】
Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】
Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】


Superfood Loaf 【PREORDER】

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Delivery on 10 July 2022

ORGANIC- Plantbased 

Super food loaf  
Will not add unnecessary carbs/Calories/sugar/transfat/harmful chemical to your body.

Loaded with food that's carefully selected :-
low GI
source of protein 
source of fibre 
no added any form of sugar ,salt 
100% organic ingredients
wheat free
5 types of Grains ,10 types of beans that energy has been activated and good source of antioxidant 
5 types of organic fruits
comfortable to the stomach and digestive system 
no rising agent or bicarbonate soda
plant based:vegetarian free

9 inch (Length) 3 1/2 (width)

Packed in a gift paper box. 
Candles, knife & signage + RM5
Extra charges for customised decoration / other packaging (based on availability).

How to store :
1 day at room temperature.
Any unfinished pls store in fridge on the same day.Store in chiller-2 days.
1 month in freezer .
How to reheat :
Bake/air fry -180 Celsius for 10 mins . Enjoy!

Delivery is according to grab apps.

Payment is non refundable/non exchangeable for other items/non changeable date

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