Korean SSDA Pro Soaper Certificate Class

Korean SSDA Pro Soaper Certificate Class

Korean SSDA Pro Soaper Certificate Class

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很荣幸 素人打皂That Whimsy Soap by Rachel已顺利获得韩国SSDA 的
*Pro Soaper高级艺术造型皂讲师资格。

有关注皂圈动向的你一定对油画艺术皂不陌生吧?尤其对在Instagram很红的 @yihyang 肯定也不陌生。市面上的调色课其实也不少,而Rachel最终决定将SSDA引进马来西亚也是因为看中了利向老师美术学院出生的超强专业功底及审美标准。

We're proud to announce that 素人打皂That Whimsy Soap by Rachel is an qualified Instructor certified under Korea SSDA:
*Pantone Colors for Soap Making;
*Pro Soaper Design Soap Certification.

Now on, all our students that register for our SSDA certification course will be able to get their qualification directly from Korea, and will be able to offer the same Korea SSDA certification course to their students.

If you're up to date with the latest soap-making trend, you might be very familiar with @yihyang who's very famous on Instagram for her amazing Art Soap. Rachel decided to import this course into Malaysia because of Yi Hyang's professional profile and talent.
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