Korean ICAD Certification Course

Korean ICAD Certification Course

Korean ICAD Certification Course

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很荣幸 素人打皂That Whimsy Soap by Rachel已顺利获得韩国ICAD 的讲师资格。

· Zero Waste (洗发饼、身体饼、润发饼、冷制家事皂。额外独家配套含:居家喷雾、冷制洗手皂、专业分析洗发饼原料、6种头皮/发质专用洗发饼。)
. 香道艺术文化课 (线香、香片、塔香、香丸、魔法草药棒。额外独家配套待敲定。)
. 手工皂与护肤品创业班 (含皂基皂、冷制皂、热制皂、日式透明钠皂、液体皂、植物色卡、bathbomb和7款护肤品。)
. 宠物芳疗 (宠物芳疗理论、宠物适用的精油及纯露、12款宠物芳疗手作。)


We're proud to announce that 素人打皂That Whimsy Soap by Rachel is an qualified Instructor certified under Korea International Centre of Aroma Design (ICAD).
Now on, all our students that register for our ICAD certification course will be able to get their qualification directly from Korea, and will be able to offer the same Korea ICAD certification course to their students.
Korea ICAD certification course now open for registration includes:
. ZERO WASTE (shampoo bar, body shower bar, conditioner bar, cold processed household soap. Exclusive add-ons include: household mist, cold processed hand-washing soap, professional in-depth explanation of cosmetic ingredients, and 6 professionally formulated shampoo bar recipes for all hair/scalp types.)
. INCENSE ART AND CULTURE (stick, pagoda, pills, chips, smudge stick. Exclusive add-ons yet to be revealed.)
. SOAP AND SKINCARE (Melt and pour soap, cold processed soap, design soap, hot process soap, Japanese transparent soap, hot processed soap, liquid soap, natural soap color swatches, bathbomb, bubblebar, 7 types of skincare products.)
. PET AROMATHERAPY (Theories of pet aromatherapy, essentila oils and hydrosols suitable for pets, 12 types of pet aromatherapy products.)

Hurry up and register! Ms Rachel's schedule is now fully booked till end of Nov. Grasp this golden opportunity to be one of the first few Malaysian certified Instructor by Korea ICAD.

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