Homemade Traditional Mooncake 手工传统月饼

Homemade Traditional Mooncake 手工传统月饼

Homemade Traditional Mooncake 手工传统月饼

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Price is for per piece. 

Our bakes use only natural real ingredients without anything nasty .. therefore, indulge with peace of mind .. an ideal gift to people that means so much to you .

The crust is so thin.

Each piece weighs 160 gm plus minus. The crust is thin & wrapping a very generous amount of homecooked paste.

What makes our mooncakes different? 
Own cooked paste using good ingredients.
Good n pure oil
Low sweetness
Thin skin (crust) wrapping generous amount of paste that contains fresh Salted egg yolk n melon seeds.
Oven fresh
Traditional method - Egg wash instead of chemical glaze

No Preservative/food enhancer/flavouring/coloring
No premixed Ingredients 

We still practice brushing the skin with egg wash.

As these are preservatives free best to enjoy them oven fresh. Each pack is attached with an absorber for extra precaution. However, best to keep chill or freeze for extra shelf life.
Will not entertain ''fatt mou''/''mold'' story as every precaution & steps have been taken to avoid this problem. Genuine home-baked food is unlike commercial products.

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