Homemade Mui Choy Pau 梅菜包 【FROZEN】

Homemade Mui Choy Pau 梅菜包 【FROZEN】


Homemade Mui Choy Pau 梅菜包 【FROZEN】

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Mui choy Pau (preserved vegetables)
68 gm +- per piece

Love at first bite and can’t stop from that moment. Soft and fluffy buns are light to the touch and bite, almost melting in your mouth.
Mui choy or preserved vegetables was a regular flavour of pau that my bonda loves to make besides tausah. Mui choy being stewed under firewood’s stove for a long time to enhance the flavour and texture.
Low salt/oil.
Cooking instruction:- steam over boiling water for 10 minutes.
Storage: Keep frozen for 2 months


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