Signature Kopi

Signature Kopi

Signature Kopi

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Category: Kopi Kar 咖啡咖

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Our kopi has been tested by supporting customers and they gave a big thumbs-up for the aroma and flavour.

It brings back the good old days when we used to gather in a small cosy Kopitiam in hometown, chit-chatting with our gang of old friends.
For the past one year, it has been a very difficult time for us to gather around and keep connected, but every time when I thought of Kopi-O, the beautiful memories in mind will cheer me up. I believe Kopi does create good memories even though it tastes bitter at first, but you will definitely fall in love with its sweet-bitterness.

RM25: 15 sachets/pack
RM48: 30 sachets/pack

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