养颜茶 Beauty Tea

养颜茶 Beauty Tea

养颜茶 Beauty Tea

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花香气息交融, 回味无穷

Specification 规格:5g x 12袋 / 30袋
Ingredients 配方:玫瑰,黑枸杞,红枣
Benefit 功效:Liver protecting, Heat-clearing and detoxifying, Improve vision 养肝护肝,清热去火,缓解眼睛疲劳
Storage Method 贮藏方式:Keep in a cool dry area or keep chilled (Recommended) 阴凉干燥处 冰箱冷藏尤佳
  • Individual-pack 独立小包装 更卫生且方便携带
  • 100% Natural 纯天然
  • No Preservative 无防腐剂
  • No Colourings 无色素
  • No Essence 无香精
  • Freshly packed 材料新鲜
  1. 将杯子与茶包冲洗一遍
  2. 将茶包放入杯中
  3. 加300ml-500ml 的热开水
  4. 等待2-3分钟即可饮用 【根据个人喜好加入冰糖】
enlightenedEach tea bag can serve for 2-3 times. 1 小袋可冲泡2-3杯。

  • Not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation. 孕妇 和 月经期间的女性不适服用。
  • One tea bag per time, not recommended to consume more than 2 bags in one day. 一次一袋, 一天不宜超过2袋。

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