Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow Pasta

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Rainbow Pasta by a Down Syndrome girl named QiuYan.
Colourful pasta is made from broccoli, purple cabbage, dragonfruit, bunga telang, kale, red spinach, purple carrot or vegetables we can get from our pesticides free garden.

No added preservative, colouring, sugar, salt added or msg.

its 100% pure plant, good grade flour, suitable for vegetarians, children and adult. It's healthy food with natural ingredients.

Fresh from our home environment which is pet and smoke-free.

Cooking Instruction:
a)Soup Base

  1. 1) Add the desire amount into boiling soup. Once the pasta floats on the surface about 3 to 5 mins can scoop out.
  2. 2)Ready to be served.

Soup suggestion:
Vegetable soup,bone broth soup,fish soup like salmon or chinese herbal soup.

b)Dry style
1)Boil a pot of water.Once water is boiling add desired amount of pasta.Let it floats on the surface to indicate its cooked.Scoop out ,drain the water.
2) Serve as snack. Can also use to prepare salad with vegetables of your choice.

Storage : Keep chill up to 6 months.


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