Drunken Chinese Liver Sausage (Yuncheong) 醉香润肠

Drunken Chinese Liver Sausage (Yuncheong) 醉香润肠

Drunken Chinese Liver Sausage (Yuncheong) 醉香润肠

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  • 3pktX500g Drunken Lapcheong
  • 3pktX500g Drunken Liver Lapcheong
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Last day to order for CNY 31/12/2021
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Drunken Series is classified under premium range as Bonda uses brandy to infuse. It's more flavourful and aromatic.

Lap Cheong is the Chinese sausage that many of us grew up with. My bonda’s handmade Lap Cheong is the favourite of different generations and it has touched so many people’s life.

Back in the 1940s, she grew up spending her time helping her grandma in the kitchen. Being the eldest of 3 children and her mother passed away when she was 4 years old, she took over the role of taking care of her siblings. Her growing years was about picking up the fine techniques of making traditional food, and learning to make Lapcheong was one of it. Being a pure Toisannese, Lap Cheong is one of our most important food during the festive season.

The evergreen popularity of her handcrafted artisan lapcheong holds traditional taste with wine infused into the meat that she bought fresh. Her lapcheong has reached out to many repeated customers over 60 years.

Hometaste Traditional flavour 
They can be used to cook lap Mei fan/claypot rice. Stir fry vegetables or just simply steam over a pot of rice.

Drunken liver lapcheong :-
  • No msg
  • No preservative
  • No food colouring
  • No nitrate
  • No mabuk feel

yesEdible casing with fresh meat and premium ingredients.
yesReal foodies will agree that Liver range is still the best in terms of aroma and flavour.


Keep chill good up to 1 year.
Chinese Sausage Recipe

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