Penang Authentic Lobak 槟城五香卤肉卷【FROZEN】

Penang Authentic Lobak 槟城五香卤肉卷【FROZEN】

Penang Authentic Lobak 槟城五香卤肉卷【FROZEN】

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Penang Authentic Lobak is made from fresh meat, Penang 5 spice powder, onions 
Does not contain seafood. Experts will grade our Lobak as good workmanship’s Lobak.

It contains 10 rolls of vacuum packed lobak.

Once you received the lobak keep frozen as soon as possible. Every step has been taken to ensure these non-preservative lobak reached you in good condition. 

Feedback from customers, most of them baked or air fried as well as deep-fried, all said it tasted very good.

**these are frozen lobak without preservative nor msg/food flavouring/food colouring hence you need to keep frozen at all time. It’s without sauce.

The colour of the lobak will be pale as no food colouring has been added.

We used only fresh ingredients especially the pork that explains why you wouldn’t smell the “porky” smell. it’s so good to eat as it is even without sauce or lor..

Storage: Keep frozen at all time.Good up to 3 months.



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